Respostas dos exercícios.

1- Present Perfect tense or Simple Past tense? Complete os espaços em branco com o tempo verbal correto, atenção com as dicas dos tempos.


Dear Mum and Dad,


I’m having a great time in London with Jane’s family. We have been (be) out every day and I have seen Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and a lot of other famous places. Yesterday, Jane’s mum took us to Madame Tussaud’s Museum and after that we went shopping. I’ve bought some postcards of London.

I am very happy because Jane’s dad has given me a beautiful book about London. I began to read it last night but I haven’t finished it yet.




2- Present Perfect tense or Simple Past tense? Complete as sentenças com o tempo correto.


Sam:  Hey, Jim, did you buy the new Lady Gaga’s CD yesterday?

Jim:   Yes, I bought it after school.

Sam:  Have you listened to it yet?

Jim:   Yes, I listened to it last night. It’s great. I listened to it all day today too.

Sam: Well, guess what! My uncle is here and he has given me two tickets to see Lady Gaga in London next Saturday. Would you like to go?

Jim:   Oh, yes. Great! But why has he given you the tickets?

Sam: It’s my birthday present. Lady Gaga and London! I have never been to London.

Jim:   It’s fantastic! Thanks, Sam.


3- As respostas estão erradas. Escreva-as corretamente. (Present Perfect tense or Simple Past tense).


a) Have you ever been to Italy?

No, I never went to Italy. No, I’ve never been to Italy.

b) Did you meet Ann today?

Yes, I’ve met her after school. Yes, I met her after school.

c) Have they eaten lunch?

Yes, they did. Yes, they have.

d) Did she give you the video?

No, she hasn’t. No, she didn’t.

e) Has he been to the cinema?

No, he didn’t. No, he hasn’t.


4- Question tags:

a) They are in the ballet room, aren’t they?

b) The students do the homework every day, don’t they?

c) My parents aren’t at work, are they?

d) We play tennis, don’t we?

e) You don’t study Spanish, do you?

f) David doesn’t eat vegetables, does he?

g) Barbara is very well, isn’t she?

h) The dog isn’t in the kitchen, is it?

i) Jane has a blue car, doesn’t she?

j) Good students don’t do that, do they?


5- Since or for?

a) I’ve studied piano for 10 years.

b) They’ve practiced soccer since they were children.

c)  We have known each other for a long time.

d) They have tried to win the contest for years.

e) Leslie has lived in Ohio since 1982.

f) Tom and Paul have known each other since 2001.

g) Since 2005 we have tried to get new clients.


6- Comparative of the adjectives

a) My city is older than yours. (old)

b) Jane is prettier than Melissa. (pretty)

c) Kevin is more attractive than John. (attractive)

d) This brand of pastry is better than the brand I usually buy.  (good)

e) Dogs are bigger than cats. (big)


7- Superlative of the adjectives.

a) Peter is the most intelligent pupil of the school. (intelligent)

b) The Grand Canyon is the longest canyon in the world. (long)

c) He is the worst pupil in the class. (bad)

d) You are the funniest boy in the world. (funny)

e) Yesterday was the hottest day of the year. (hot)

Espero que tenham acertado todos os exercícios.

Kisses, teacher Maria Paula


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